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Trump’s latest executive order guts Obamacare.

I’ve had it.

The Trump administration just announced its latest attempt to sabotage our health care system — a new executive order allowing businesses to purchase bare-bones insurance plans that undermine protections put in place by the Affordable Care Act.

Millions of Americans from every state have rallied, signed petitions, and made phone calls to share their stories and let Republicans know how helpful access to affordable care has been to them and their families.

But Republicans keep ignoring us. And after repeated failures to repeal our health care, the GOP has decided to forego our checks and balances in favor of Trump’s recklessness.

This White House has purposely cut funding for advertising efforts to promote Obamacare’s next open enrollment period. They’ve attacked women’s rights by rolling back the ACA mandate that requires employers to cover birth control.

Now, they’re working to undermine our health care system by creating markets that only healthy people can afford — leaving millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions out in the cold.

Trump considers undoing anything with President Obama’s name on it a win — but health care is not a game. It’s a right for every American.

Let’s show this White House and Republicans in Congress what happens when they decide to ignore the majority of Americans and gut Obamacare.

Thank you,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee