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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.




Giving birth is never easy—whether to a baby, a project, or a new political reality.

It takes a lot of pushing, a lot of hard work, and usually a lot of pain. But the end is worth it.

Our generation of Americans is called to give birth now: to a season of repair and a realignment of our priorities. To new ideas, new policies and possibilities. And that’s why I’m running for president.

I’m saying in this campaign what millions of us are saying now: why shouldn’t love, democracy and our highest human values guide public policy?

Why should we not rescue hungry and traumatized children? Why should we not commit to making every school in America a palace of learning, culture, and the arts? Why should we not mobilize massively to reverse climate change and green our economy? Why should we not seek to right our historical wrongs? And why should we not commit ourselves to the creation of a peaceful world?

These are not just ideas; they are not mere pipe dreams. They are political possibilities articulated in the policies I’ve promoted throughout the campaign and will continue to promote until they’re birthed into the world. Peruse my Issues section.

This isn’t something I can do alone, however. Your dollars make all the difference, as they provide the opportunity for outreach and exposure I don’t otherwise have. Please donate generously so we can continue to articulate a new direction for America.

With gratitude and love,

p.s. Watch a replay of today’s livestream, “Peace & Politics” and join us on Twitter with hashtag #MeditateforPeace.




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