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Team — you may have heard of Newark’s suburb, New York City. Its mayor, Bill de Blasio, just became the 23rd Democrat to announce their candidacy for president.
With such a crowded field, the DNC will have no choice but to get more aggressive in defining who qualifies for the debate stage.
That means it’s no longer just about guaranteeing a spot for that first debate, but for future debates as well. We can’t leave anything to chance — we’re setting a goal of reaching 15,683 Debate Qualifying Donors before the first debate next month.
For an underdog campaign like ours, the debates mean everything. They give us a platform to compete on even ground with every other campaign, especially ones that are raising millions of dollars.
When I’m up on that stage, I look forward to talking directly to voters about the big, bold ideas our party needs to stand for in this election, and the urgency with which we must pursue them. It might sound simple, but that’s our plan to win more votes: persuade more voters that what we bring to the table will not only beat Donald Trump, but it’ll help us come together to solve some of our biggest problems.
And the way we earn a place in future debates is by making sure we have as many people as possible who’ve chipped in a little bit to build this campaign. The total number is how the DNC will break ties when more candidates have qualified than there are debate slots available. Will you chip in today?
With so many candidates in the race, your support means more than ever — thank you.
And that makes 23,

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