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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


We are now at 7% — fourth place in California. We are coming out of the debate strong and picking up steam at record pace.

Andrew Yang for President


A new Emerson poll shows us in 4th place with 7% support in California

Chip in to keep up our momentum

Yang Gang,

Have you seen the latest poll from Emerson? We are now at 7% — fourth place in California. We are coming out of the debate strong and picking up steam at record pace.

Emerson Polling graph of 2020 California Democratic Primary. California, September 13-16, 2019, Democratic Primary Voters, MM, N = 424, +/-4.7%. Biden 26%, Sanders 26%, Warren 20%, Yang 7%, Harris 6%, O'Rourke 5%, Buttigieg 4%, Gabbard 2%, Booker 1%, Castro 1%, Steyer 1%, Klobuchar 0%, Bullock 0%, Delaney 0%, Williamson 0%, Ryan 0%, Bennet 0%, Messam 0%, Sestak 0%, de Blasio 0%, Someone Else 1%

We need to capitalize on our momentum. Can you donate now to help power our campaign?

If you’ve saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:



As Andrew’s been saying for the entirety of this campaign, the Yang Gang is strong and only growing stronger. We will continue to grow and peak at the right time.

Now it’s our job to make sure the rest of the country — especially folks in the early primary states — sees what Californians are starting to realize:

  • Andrew Yang is the candidate who is best equipped to defeat Donald Trump.
  • He’s the only candidate who understands what automation and the 4th Industrial Revolution will mean for our society — and he knows how to prepare Americans for it.
  • He’s the only candidate focused on solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected, which is why 10% of Trump voters say they will vote for Andrew.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We’re picking up steam right as voters are beginning to tune into this election.

Let’s go,
Team Yang

Our end-of-quarter deadline is approaching fast, and after that our fundraising numbers will go public for the world to see. Donate now so we can show everyone how powerful this movement is.



We’re proud you’re part of the Yang Gang! 

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