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Dear Democrats:

It’s no secret that California leads the resistance against Trump’s despicable and dangerous policies nationwide. We stand as a blue firewall in opposition to the radical Republican agenda that wants to divide and repress us.

And we’re able to do that because not only do we have strong Democratic leaders in Congress, but we elect great Democrats to represent us here in the State Assembly, the State Senate, and all Constitutional Offices as well. These statewide offices are how we protect our state and advance freedom, equality, and opportunity for all Californians. In times like this, it is so crucial for voters to vote for all of the California Democratic Party endorsed candidates and propositions.

That’s where you come in! To help keep everyone motivated in these last few weeks of the election, we’re having a Big Blue Beacon contest with amazing prizes, which will be awarded to the caller or organization that makes the most calls to voters in several different categories.


You can find the contest rules, as well as a detailed description of the prizes, hereSome of the prizes include seating for a winner and their guest at CDP Chair Eric Bauman’s head table at the 2019 CDP Convention Dinner or tickets to a Lakers game with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.  

Can we count on you or your organization to be the Big Blue Beacon of Hope for us this election and make those calls count? 


–The CDP Team