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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


At Halloween, this is an extra scary time. But let’s be honest, this whole year has been unbelievably scary.

Devin Nunes continues to be a “rubber stamp” for Donald Trump and does whatever he can to protect him – even if it means putting his own constituents at risk. There is NOTHING scarier than a representative who fails to protect his community.

But that won’t stop extreme special interests from flooding the state to save Nunes and buy this seat from voters.

Tomorrow night is our LAST End of Month deadline before the One Year Out mark. My team is telling me that THIS deadline will have a direct impact in the outcome of this race, and we can’t fall short.

Here’s a direct link to ensure we have what it takes at this critical time:

Thanks for the support,

Andrew Janz