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I’m reaching out for a simple reason: I want to do everything I can to make sure Cory qualifies for all of the debates.

On Wednesday night, he’ll be part of the first round — but we already know it’ll be far more difficult to reach the fall debates. The DNC requires candidates to have 130,000 individual donors, a threshold that will be a stretch for all but a handful of frontrunners.

So we’re setting a goal to find 10,000 new donors before Cory takes the stage next week — will you be one of them?

For underdog campaigns like ours, we can’t rely on outspending the competition. We knew that would be the case — and yet we refuse to take money from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists.

That’s why the debates are Cory’s best chance to shine in front of voters. And let me tell you, with his voice and his vision, I feel great about his ability to stand out in the crowd.

But there’s no Plan B if we fall short of getting him to the stage this fall.

Will you chip in before Wednesday’s big event — and help Cory qualify for all the debates?




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