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When we were launching our campaign for president, I made it very clear:

We were going to build this campaign brick-by-brick, the right way, from the grassroots up. No corporate PACs. No federal lobbyists. No money from top pharma executives. No fossil fuel money. This campaign would be funded by the people.

And the past quarter has brought us a lot of bricks. We may be an underdog in this crowded primary, but it’s clear that our vision for America is resonating across the country.

Our campaign is bringing the conversation about mass incarceration, the housing crisis, and the failed War on Drugs to the national stage.

Because of people like you, we are able to build something powerful that’s getting noticed more and more by those pollsters and pundits who counted us out.

Because of people like you, we were on the first DNC debate stage.

Because of people like you, our message was heard by over 25 million people.

Because of people like you, we’ve received nearly 110,000 individual donations to our campaign with an average online contribution of $19.90. And since Cory took the debate stage, we’ve had the three most successful grassroots fundraising days since the day we launched this campaign — bringing in nearly 20,000 new donors.

We’re building momentum. And we’re well on our way to qualify for the fall debates and to continue funding this grassroots operation.

Like my parents taught me growing up: No one can — or should — do it all themselves. It takes a community of people to create real, effective change. And that’s exactly what this grassroots community is doing.

I’ve relied on people like you to spread our message of justice for all and a truly equal America.

It was a profound moment waking up to see what we’ve been able to achieve over the past five months and how far we’ve come.

Thank you for being part of this grassroots movement. I’m so proud of the work we’ve accomplished and cannot wait for the journey ahead.

Grateful to have you here,



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