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“Bat Shit Crazy” or Crazy Like a Fox?

Fox jumps over the sheep
Well delegates, it was the sound of crickets we heard instead of an apology. Oh wait, that never happened either. Instead, the other candidate’s supporters doubled down by telling over 1,100 other delegates I was bat shit crazy!  (Crazy like a fox, maybe, but seriously, what kind of leader flying the “unity” banner promotes that kind of blow back?)

Second trying to state my endorsements are not any good because they are not powerful enough. Well, I cannot remain silent on that either. I am HONORED to have endorsements from what you consider unimpressive people. I am HUMBLED to have support by the rank-and-file Democrats that care about the future of this Party. We are the grassroots who want real change and level the playing field!

Who is the grassroots candidate? The one who claims to be racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars and institutional endorsements, or the one who is supported by rank-and-file Democrats who care about the future of their Party, their State and their Country? 
Julie Solis and Shane Hoover

Rank-and-File Democrats Are Our Rock Stars!

Some of you know Julie Solis. She is our star campaign volunteer that has been organizing the phone banks asking for your vote.

Well we are so sorry to report that Julie received a call at 2:00AM this morning that her friend and fellow Valley Fever Awareness activist Shane Hoover was in the hospital. She left right away to be there. Shane Hoover passed away this morning in Kern County. Valley fever can be lethal.   Her group has been fighting for Valley Fever awareness for a very long time and our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Julie Solis is a rock star when it comes to Valley Fever awareness in my book. She has also been the subject of removal/termination demands in this party just like me. 

It is as if some of the establishment doesn’t really want certain women who are out there doing the work to change things around.

Well, here is a big 411 – we are here and if you succeed at terminating our seats, we will be back! We are grassroots and accustomed to fighting for what we want.

What does this have to do with the Chair race?  Our grassroots activists deserve respect and recognition for their hard work. These are the people I support. These are the people who deserve a seat at the table because they earned it, too. They also earned recognition when they lose someone who they fought for and who lost that battle. This is the tone of inclusiveness I want to bring to the table. It’s not about the color of our skin, our religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It is about what is in our hearts that drive us to work for free to better the lives of other people around us.

Please join us tomorrow, Sat. 5/10/19 at Copper Mountain Community College in Joshua Tree at 10:00AM at the Morongo Indians Dem. Club.
(We may crash the delegate meeting in Region 9 being held in Palmdale from 1-4pm thereafter.) 
 I am the candidate that will not play the fiddle like Nero as he watched Rome burn. We are grassroots. We will level the playing field. We level up. We advance. Then we all rise.
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