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Last week, the Nation called state Attorneys General “the most important office in the Trump era,” saying that at a time of “gridlock and dysfunction at all levels of government, attorneys general get things done.”


Xavier is on the front lines of holding President Trump accountable — and he gets results, with more than two dozen legal victories so far. 

Now, Xavier needs our support to win on November 6th and keep up the fight. Can you chip in $5 now, before it’s too late?

Xavier is leading the fight to defend the Affordable Care Act. He’s standing up to the Trump administration’s heartless immigration policies. He’s forcing President Trump’s EPA to take critical action to address climate change. 


On these issues and so many more, Xavier’s work is one of our best hopes for holding the Trump administration accountable. But if elected, our GOP opponent wants to see California “standing down in the state’s defense against the Trump administration.”

We can’t afford to lose all the progress we’re making in court to challenge President Trump. Pitch in $5 to support Xavier in the final two weeks before Election Day.

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Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General 2018
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Thank you for supporting Xavier Becerra. Grassroots supporters like you help us protect California’s working families, advance criminal justice reform, and keep our communities safe.

Emails are a crucial way to stay in touch with our top supporters. If we’re going to protect and serve the people of California, we need you with us every step of the way.

To keep up to date with Xavier’s fight against Trump in court, click here.

From all of us at Team Becerra, thanks for your support!