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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Another big endorsement for our campaign! Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio from the San Gabriel Valley is joining a growing list of Latina leaders supporting our campaign, from Congresswoman Nanette Barragán to Norma Alcala, the fantastic Vice Chair of the CA Democratic Party Chicano-Latino Caucus, because they share our vision that we must do more to ensure that California families have economic security.

Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio’s story is inspiring. She immigrated to the United States at a young age from Mexico. The daughter of a factory worker and housekeeper, Blanca has lived the American Dream. Now, as one of only 17 women in the State Assembly, she is dedicating her life to public service — as a teacher, school board member (where she helped raise the high school graduation rate to a record high 96%) and as an assemblywoman representing Southern California in Sacramento. As Lt. Governor, I look forward to working with her and the women of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus to change the culture in Sacramento.

“We need more qualified women like Eleni Kounalakis in our state government. As the daughter of an immigrant who started out as a farm worker, Eleni is an inspiring example of the American Dream, and like so many of us, she understands what it means to work hard to succeed. I know she will be a champion for working parents, immigrants, DREAMers and the most vulnerable communities. Eleni has what it takes to fight for all Californians.”

– Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio

As Lt. Governor, I look forward to working with Blanca to improve education and our economy — and to protect the rights of all Californians — so we can make sure the next generation of immigrants or native born citizens can achieve the American Dream too.

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