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Dear Democrats: 

Tomorrow, people all over the country will join rallies and events for the 2019 Women’s March. We’re excited to see people celebrate hard-earned victories from the past year — from the way that women showed up in historic numbers at the polls to the fact that we elected a record-breaking number of women to Congress. Here in California, our legislature is now nearly 30% made up of women.

There were monumental steps made towards equality last year, and that empowering truth is worth celebrating. But the Women’s March is also an opportunity to recognize the fights that lay ahead. While we made great progress last year and held off many aspects of the radical, anti-woman GOP agenda, we have much more work to do. 

We must show up for one another. We must fight diligently to protect our reproductive rights. We must demand that when we say #MeToo, our voices are respected and taken seriously — and that our abusers don’t get to walk away without facing consequences. We must stand up for migrant women, for trans women, for black women, for disabled women. When we show up for women, we must show up for all women. 

The Women’s March is an opportunity to protest and to celebrate. It is a national movement to heal and to take power back, and to fight for a better future. California is leading that charge — so we encourage you to attend an event near you tomorrow.

– The CDP Team