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We’ve filed a new lawsuit to block Trump’s attempt to illegally fund his wasteful wall
President Trump may act like he’s above the law, but we know the truth: he isn’t.  

Sacramento Bee: Attorney General Xavier Becerra also filed his 76th lawsuit against President Donald Trump's administration... The coalition of 19 states is suing to block the White House's plan to divert $3.8 billion in Department of Defense funds to build a border wall.

During his last taxpayer money-grab, the President illegally diverted funds meant for schools and daycare centers for service member families. This time — he’s snatching money allocated for state National Guard units that keep our communities safe during natural disasters and moments of crisis. 
Congress has repeatedly rejected taxpayer funding for a wasteful Trump wall along the border. Can you stand with us in the fight, Jeff, as we go to court – yet again – to remind Donald Trump that even the President is not above the law?
We’re a nation of laws — and the law is on our side. Thank you for being on it, too.

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