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Clovis, CA (Aug. 8, 2018) – Andrew Janz for Congress hosted a senior issues town hall with Social Security Works PAC President Jon “Bowzer” Bauman Wednesday morning. Two days before, the campaign received violent threats on Twitter that read: “How about I waste you and everybody in the Clovis town hall.” Despite these intimidations, Andrew still showed up to do his job; talk to voters.


“This is a clear attempt to silence voters and people wanting to engage in political discourse. It’s an attack on our first amendment. Nothing is going to stop me from talking about the issues that seniors and veterans are facing here in the Central Valley,” Andrew said.


Over 100 seniors showed their support for the candidate at 10 AM on Wednesday. Andrew discussed an array of topics including social security, Medicaid, corruption in Washington, and his plan to take back the Central Valley.


Clovis Police Department was present at the town hall and is running an investigation into this threat.


“Thank you to Clovis Police Department for protecting and serving our community,” Andrew said.