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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Bobby Bliatout for Congress

The votes have been tallied and the overwhelming winning bumper sticker design is…

We’re ready to show Devin Nunes it’s time for him to mooooove over. But in order to make sure we can keep the printing costs of these stickers down, continue growing our campaign team, and build our grassroots army of volunteers, we need to make sure we hit our $20,000 August end-of-month fundraising goal.

Whether you’re going to put your new sticker on your car, water bottle, or laptop, we can’t wait to send a free bumper sticker to every member of Team Bliatout. But remember it’s a symbol of our movement to elect a true leader to Congress, so we hope we can count on you to help us continue to grow our movement today.

Chip in $3 or more today to help us hit our end-of-month fundraising goal, and become one of the first on our team to receive a bumper sticker!

Thank you,

Team Bliatout

P.S. Add your name to claim your FREE bumper sticker before we run out!

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