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The past few days have been action-packed for Cory, and we want to give you a quick behind-the-scenes look at how things are going.

Image: Cory walking through an airport carrying luggage

Before we hit the campaign trail last weekend, David Axelrod joined Cory in Newark for an episode of “The Axe Files”, where they discussed everything from health care to education reform to his plan for ending the gun violence epidemic.

Tweet from CNN Politics: Sen. Cory Booker on gun violence reform: We need more than "thoughts and prayers"

Cory then spent the past few days in the Carolinas and New Hampshire talking about the most ambitious gun violence prevention policy proposed by any presidential candidate, delivering two commencement addresses at South Carolina State University and Southern New Hampshire University, and best of all — his mom surprised him on the trail to spend Mother’s Day weekend together.

Image: Cory's mom Carolyn holding a microphone with Cory smiling in the background

On Friday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cory held a gun violence prevention roundtable with local activists, where so many asked thoughtful questions about how we move our culture away from violence. Team, we know it’s not enough to just shift policy. We need to change hearts and minds if we want to save lives. That’s what this campaign is all about.

Image: Cory holding a round table discussion


Cory had the honor of delivering not one but two commencement speeches at South Carolina State University and Southern New Hampshire University. Here’s one of our favorite moments from Cory’s speech:
“Stay faithful. Class of 2019 we have come this far by faith. Stay faithful in your journey. Stay faithful in your kindness and decency. Stay faithful in your grace. If you give this kind of grace, if you show this spirit, you will heal this world.”

Image: Cory giving a commencement speech

This campaign has always been about people coming together to solve some of our toughest problems.

Image: Cory saying hello to a baby

We’re so grateful for everyone who came out to show their support, and can’t wait to see more of you out on the trail.
Talk soon,
Booker HQ

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