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Thank you all for your continued support!  Without you, this campaign wouldn’t be here.  As it is, we are at #9 in the latest CNN rankings and climbing fast. 🙂

I’m spending this last weekend before the debate in South Carolina, one of the early primary states.  We are at 3% here.  This is my second trip to the state, and I’m excited to get to meet even more voters here.

Yesterday, I spent time meeting with local press and politicians before heading to a Fish Fry hosted by Representative Jim Clyburn.  Almost all the other candidates were there, so it was a great warm-up for next week. I must say that every time I share the stage with the other candidates, I feel more relaxed and ready for the debates.

Andrew Yang delivers a speech on the stage of Rep. Clyburn's Fish Fry in South Carolina

On stage, I talked about the biggest problems facing the country, but there are also many other local and national issues I didn’t have a chance to talk about.  South Carolina is one of many states to see their teachers strike or protest.  I can’t say I blame them.  We expect teachers to work miracles in the classroom, when studies show that up to 70% of a student’s outcomes are related to non-school factors.  We also know that teacher quality is one of the most important factors determining student outcomes within a school, and yet we don’t pay teachers nearly enough.

When I’m President, we’ll be sure to give teachers a raise and invest in programs that will improve quality, such as mentorship and professional development programs.  And, of course, the Freedom Dividend will reduce financial stress across America, freeing our children up to stop worrying at home and start learning at school.

Another policy the teachers were promoting is increasing investment in mental health in schools.  Every school should have a mental health professional.  We’re in a mental health crisis right now, especially among teens.  We need to invest the resources to make sure that our children are healthy during their adolescence.

We are beyond excited for the week to come.  I’ll be on the Colbert Show on Monday night with a special announcement.  And then it will be off to Miami for the debates!  History has opened a door for us – let’s take full advantage and establish a more positive direction for the country.


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