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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Hey there,

Today we released an economic agenda focused on helping American families thrive. Families across the country need to see higher incomes, lower costs, and a brighter future for their children. But instead, incomes for working families have stagnated while prices for housing, health care, child care, and college are skyrocketing. Our economic gains are overwhelmingly going to the wealthiest Americans. We need an economy that delivers for everyone.

Working and middle class Americans are not getting paid what they’re due — in fact, they’re facing higher tax rates than billionaires. We live in an America where corporations are suppressing women’s incomes, where Black Americans face barriers to getting a promotion or starting a business, and where families end up homeless because they can’t afford housing. We need to pass a $15 minimum wage — delivering a raise to over 25 million low-wage workers — and expand the EITC to give a $1,000 pay bump to 35 million American families. And we need affordable, universal child care and historic investments in affordable housing.

Pete’s plan will measure success, not just by whether the stock market or GDP is going up, but by whether working and middle class families are succeeding. As President, he will use public enforcement, public investments, and public options to make the economy deliver for every single American, not just those at the very top, because everyone deserves a fair shot. Click here to read more about Pete’s economic agenda for American families.

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Pete for America


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