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Friend —

The Daily Beast is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in their attempts to “get” Tulsi. They combed through our donor records looking for Russian support for our campaign. Despite only turning up $6,000 in donations from three people who fit their invented profile, they just published a hit piece claiming our campaign is being “underwritten” by some of the nation’s leading Russian sympathizers. 

This hit piece is an example of the kind of McCarthyist witch hunt made possible by the mainstream media’s role in fomenting the new Cold War with Russia. It stirs up hysteria that makes it easier to push our country into war. It paints patriotic Americans as foreign agents and so-called “apologists” for foreign leaders. And it pushes us to sacrifice our hard won civil liberties at the altar of war.

It’s exactly the kind of war mongering that Tulsi is speaking out against. And it’s her outspokenness against our failed interventionist foreign policy that’s making her a target.

Click here to stand with Tulsi now. Make a $25 donation to show the powers that benefit from 24/7 eyeballs-on-screens coverage of never-ending regime change wars that she’s not a lone target — because we all stand with her.

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Tulsi is a staunch advocate for freedom of the press and independent journalism. That’s why we’ve made it a habit to call out corporate media bias and smears as well as tabloid journalism from any outlet. These practices undermine journalistic standards and erode the American people’s faith in the press.

So because the press won’t tell you, we will:

  • The threats against our constitutional rights as a result of our race to war are greater than ever, as Big Data and overreaching intelligence agencies subject the American people to increasing surveillance.
  • The prospect of nuclear war due to increased tensions with countries like Russia and China should alarm us, as it means the death of everyone and everything we love.

As a combat veteran of two tours of duty to the Middle East, and as a member of Congress who has served on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees for the last six years, Tulsi knows the grim reality of these threats better than most – and she’s prepared with a solution.

That’s why Tulsi is talking about how desperately we need to end regime change wars, the new Cold War and nuclear arms race and invest that money to meet the needs of the American people in healthcare, education, protecting our environment and rebuilding our infrastructure.

Click here to donate now and show Tulsi — and the “gotcha” reporters at the Daily Beast — that intimidation won’t stop us from serving selflessly for peace.

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The truth is that email is one of the most important tools we have to update supporters like you. It is one way we come together as a community of progressives to make change in this world.  Finally, if you believe we need to end the culture of corruption and greed in Washington, then now is the time to make a contribution to TULSI 2020. If you’d like to make a recurring contribution to TULSI 2020, please click here.