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Amy for America
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Did you catch Amy on Rachel Maddow last night? As Amy said, she’s traveled across the country talking to voters and while people are concerned about the rule of law, they’re also asking about the bread-and-butter issues — like how to afford their prescription drugs and how to get their kids a good education. 

President Trump talks a big game, but while those at the top are reaping the rewards, Americans are worried about paying for rent or childcare, or losing their health care altogether if they have a preexisting condition. 

As President, Amy will always stand up for what’s right, and that includes delivering real results for all Americans. But to get her to the White House, this homegrown campaign needs your support today. Can we count on you today? Donate $5 to help get Amy’s message in front of voters across the country.


Team Amy

Amy’s running a homegrown campaign. She isn’t taking any contributions from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists so we’re relying on you. 

Donate today to join our grassroots movement.