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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Asif Mahmood

We’re almost at the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s painful victory on November 8th. But I don’t want to focus on the negativity of that precise moment. I want to focus on the inspirational and motivational recommitment to a progressive future I saw November 9th, and every day since then.

All around me, I’ve seen people who won’t back down and let the white-supremacist enabling, racist agenda of this administration pass without a fight. People who are leading the resistance, and fighting from the local to the federal levels for a more equal country for all.

Americans all over this beautiful country resisting and fighting back is what inspired me to run for Lieutenant Governor of California.

Now we have a critical FEC fundraising deadline coming up tomorrow at midnight. Can I count on you to make a contribution now to say, a year in, you’re a part of the resistance this campaign is all about?

This campaign is as much about resisting Trump as it is providing a brighter future for every Californian. That’s why I’ve released a comprehensive plan to make sure all students can get a quality education in our state.

I’m committed to healthcare for all, a clean environment, and making sure the working families of California have access to housing that’s safe and affordable.

Because I’m running this progressive, people-powered campaign, I’m not financed by big pharmaceutical industries or giant corporate polluters. I’m relying on individual, small donations from Californians who want a true progressive in Sacramento fighting for them.

We’re less than 36 hours away from tomorrow’s fundraising deadline, and grassroots supporters like you are the backbone of this campaign. Can I count on you to make your very first donation to the campaign today?

Thank you for everything you do to fight for a better future.

Peace be with you,

Dr. Asif Mahmood,
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California