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Throughout my career I have fought for ordinary Californians against powerful interests.  Our next Party Chair needs to be a leader in that fight. That’s why I’m supporting  Daraka Larimore-Hall to be the next Party Chair.  

When I talk with my fellow Democrats about this race and the future of our party, it’s clear that we have a diversity of perspectives and priorities. For some, the most important thing is to have a bold, progressive Chair who will stand up for our core values, even when it’s hard. Club leaders and local activists want to have a chair who will work to organize, build, and strengthen Democratic organizations across the state. Others want to make sure our next Chair knows how to run a well-funded, strategic and successful campaign to elect even more Democrats in 2020 and beyond. Our friends in labor want someone with a union background who knows what it takes to strengthen a labor movement that is under assault from the Janus decision and the Trump Administration. And all of us want someone with integrity and with a proven commitment to making our communities and our workplaces safe.

I’m supporting Daraka Larimore-Hall because he is all of the above. 

Daraka has been in the trenches with me, fighting  to bring health care reform to California, protecting consumers from abuse, and paving the way to single-payer health care. He is a bold progressive leader who stands up for what is right.   Daraka is a local activist and former county central committee chair who understands what Democratic clubs and county parties need from the state party to be effective. Daraka is a former union leader with a passion for and expertise in labor organizing. And Daraka stood up for victims of bullying and harassment, in public and private.

I support Daraka because he will advance our progressive values and policies, build our Democratic infrastructure, deepen our alliance with labor, and create a culture of respect, inclusivity, and equality at all levels of our party.

I urge you to join with me in supporting Daraka Larimore-Hall as the next Chair of the California Democratic Party.

Dave Jones
Insurance Commissioner, Emeritus

P.S. Individuals from across the state and every level of involvement have stepped up to support Daraka to be our next party chair. You can find that list and add your name to it here.