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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

ken more than 36,000 selfies so far and she’s making sure everyone who wants a picture gets one. It’s not just…

Warren for President

Hey there,

We want to let you know what Elizabeth’s been up to this past week — hosting public events in four states — but first, do you have a few seconds to read about why it’s possible?

She’s been busy, like you’d expect for someone running for president. But this is a different kind of busy. In most campaigns, candidates have packed calendars full of donor dinners and big-dollar fundraising calls.

Elizabeth doesn’t do that — because her time is not for sale. What she’s doing is a meet-your-supporters, go-to-24 states, take-selfies-at-town-halls kind of busy — because that’s what we believe a campaign should look like.

It’s only possible because of grassroots donors. Chip in for the first time today to power this movement — toward more events, more town halls, and more grassroots organizing.

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Elizabeth started out in Houston last weekend, talking to educators about strong public schools. (Fun fact: Did you know that when she was a commuter student at the University of Houston, tuition was $50 a semester? Now she’s fighting to make sure more Americans get opportunities like that — with her plans for universal free public college and cancelling student loan debt).

Then Elizabeth headed over to New Orleans to talk about her plans to make sure women of color get a fair shot. She got asked to give some advice to her 25-year-old self (get in the fight!), addressed an overflow crowd in Peterborough, NH, and met Wisconsinites in Milwaukee and Madison.

At every one of these events, Elizabeth’s doing her signature selfie line. She’s taken more than 36,000 selfies so far and she’s making sure everyone who wants a picture gets one.

It’s not just about the selfies. It’s about taking the time to really meet voters — one on one, face to face, family to family. That’s how we’re building this campaign, and that’s how we make it stronger every day.

As Elizabeth starts another busy week, let her know that you’re by her side. Contribute what makes sense for you today, and together, let’s show the world we can build a winning grassroots campaign with grassroots donations.

Thanks for everything you do,

Team Warren








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