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Last night the state of Alabama passed a total ban on abortion, stripping away women’s reproductive freedom. This bill could lead to women being prosecuted for accessing basic health care and send doctors to prison for up to 99 years for providing that care.

Not only is this bill a direct assault on personal privacy, it is a calculated strategy to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  The bill passed with the support of 25 male legislators.

This is horrifying. 

California is the largest and most diverse state in the country. Now, more than ever, we must light the way for personal freedom and choice. Gutting Roe would turn the clock back to a time when women died trying to access care – we cannot let that happen. We will not let that happen.

I call on all California elected officials to recommit themselves to this fight and stand proudly as defenders of women’s reproductive health.

As California goes, so goes the nation. We will not back down and we will not turn back the clock.

Let’s be clear: when it comes to a woman’s right to choose, we are in the fight of our lives. But you know what? Not only are we up for the challenge, but as a dear friend reminded me, we were built for this moment. We will not waver. We will never surrender.

Stay tuned for more information on the most recent bans in Alabama and other states and what they mean for California.

Democratically yours (in freedom and choice),

Kimberly Ellis


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