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Three things are clear after Attorney General Barr’s disturbing Senate testimony on Wednesday:
  • He lied to Congress (that’s a crime).
  • He has clearly disqualified himself from supervising the 14 criminal referrals from the Special Counsel.
  • He must resign — or be impeached — immediately.
If the American people are ever going to discover the full extent of the crimes committed by the Trump campaign and administration (and potentially our president himself), Barr must be removed from office.
During Barr’s questioning in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, we were grateful to have both Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Kamala Harris demand the truth from Barr.
Among his admissions? That he released his inaccurate, misleading “summary” of Mueller’s report without reviewing any of the underlying evidence. Additionally, Barr refused to answer whether Trump ever ordered him to investigate someone.
On top of that, the hearing made clear that Barr lied to Congress about Mueller’s concerns about his report summary. It’s obvious: He has resoundingly disqualified himself from continuing to hold the office of the attorney general.
Thanks for taking action today.
The CDP Team
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