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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Governor Jay Inslee challenged all Americans to confront the urgency of the climate crisis bearing down upon us. I’m embracing that challenge.

Warren for President

Tune in tonight to hear Elizabeth talk about our plans to fight climate change. She’ll be onstage at CNN’s Climate Crisis town hall around 9:20 p.m. ET.

As a presidential candidate, my friend Governor Jay Inslee challenged all Americans to confront the urgency of the climate crisis bearing down upon us.

He provided bold, thoughtful, and detailed ideas for how to get us where we need to go. While his presidential campaign may be over, his ideas should remain at the center of this race.

One of the most important of these ideas is the urgent need to decarbonize key sectors of our economy.

Now, I’m embracing that goal and committing to adopt and build on Governor Inslee’s ten-year action plan to achieve 100% clean energy for America by decarbonizing our electricity, our vehicles, and our buildings. And I’m challenging every other candidate for president to do the same.

If you’re in this fight all the way, add your name to support our plan for 100% clean energy in ten years.



Put together, our electricity, vehicle, and building sectors are responsible for nearly 70 percent of all U.S. carbon emissions — so this plan will make a real difference to combat climate change.

We have the technology today to start to construct a cleaner grid, modernize our auto industry, and green our communities, and my Green Apollo program will fund the research and develop the technology we need to go the final mile. I’m committing $1 trillion to subsidize the consumer transition to clean and renewable electricity, zero emission vehicles, and green products for commercial and residential buildings.

And in a Warren administration, there won’t be a tension between transitioning to a green economy and creating good, middle-class, union jobs. We’ll do both. And we won’t leave behind communities of color and others who’ve been systematically excluded from our fossil fuel economy and hit worst by climate change and pollution.

This is the promise of the Green New Deal. We can lift up frontline communities, empower workers, and tackle climate change — all at the same time.

As president, I’ll work to achieve 100% clean, renewable and zero-emission energy in electricity generation by 2035.

To get there, we’ll set high standards for utilities nationwide, and then tighten them over time. We’ll overhaul the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission so its mission is reducing greenhouse gas pollution and so it works for our communities, not fossil fuel interests. We’ll use federal purchasing power and subsidies to speed up the transition, and expand interstate and regional coordination.

And by 2030, we’ll achieve zero emissions for all new light-duty passenger vehicles, medium-duty trucks, and buses.

How? By setting ambitious standards for fuels and emissions, modernizing the automotive manufacturing base, developing needed infrastructure, and boosting consumer demand — including extending tax credits for purchasing zero-emissions vehicles and creating a “Clean Cars for Clunkers” program.

As president, I’ll also take immediate action to achieve zero-carbon pollution from all new commercial and residential buildings by the end of my second term in 2028.

To make that happen, we will adopt bold standards for construction, use federal buying power to drive change, encourage private capital investments, and incentivize retrofits of existing building stock.

We’ve woven in plans to fight climate change throughout our policy proposals on this campaign. From boosting green manufacturing and supporting sustainable agriculture to fighting corruption to shake the fossil fuel lobby’s grip off Washington, we’ve got a plan for that.

If we work together to make smart investments in our clean energy future, we will grow our economy, improve our health, and reduce structural inequalities embedded in our existing fossil fuel system.

The task before us is monumental, and it is urgent. But I’m confident that America has the tools, the know-how, and the will to make it happen.

As president, I will take bold action to confront the climate crisis, starting on day one. The future of our planet depends on it, and we have no more time to waste. But we need a grassroots movement to make real change. Add your name if you’re in this fight.

Thanks for being a part of this,





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