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At a time when we should be leading the world community, the Trump Administration is openly hostile to confronting climate change. They’re disputing the science behind this global emergency while actively rolling back regulations designed to address it. We can’t shrink from our responsibility to save our planet.

As we speak, naysayers inside Trump’s White House are discussing “whether to recommend [Trump] withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord.”

This historic agreement with nearly 200 others countries would significantly reduce carbon emissions in the United States by 2025. That is an important goal in the fight to save our children’s future. If we abandon this agreement, it will be catastrophic for our planet, for ourselves, and for future generations.

A decision from the White House could come at any moment. That’s why we need you to make your voice heard in this fight before it’s too late:

Add your name to tell Trump: we should not abandon our responsibility to address climate change by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords.


By no means is this a perfect deal, but I intend to stand up against anyone who suggests there is no such thing as climate change or dilutes our responsibility to address this crisis. This is a moment in time where we must intensify the fight for our future, not abandon it.

Thanks for everything you do. Fight on.

– Kamala