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In the next two years, the Trump administration needs to carry out a crucial constitutional responsibility: the 2020 Census.


Since 1790, the Census has counted every single person in the United States, citizen and non-citizen. That count determines everything from representation in Congress to how we allocate resources for things like disaster relief, education, infrastructure, public health and police and fire protection.


But now, the Trump administration wants to include a question on the 2020 Census asking about citizenship status. Adding this question is a certain way to suppress an accurate counting and representation for California’s diverse communities. 



Given the way this administration has attacked immigrants, you can understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out a Census questionnaire that asked about citizenship.


Discouraging immigrant families from responding to the Census means that several million people might not be represented. Our state has more immigrant families who contribute significantly to our communities than any other state and I’m going to fight my hardest to make sure every one of them is counted. 



Thank you,





Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General 2018
777 South Figueroa Street
Suite 4050 Los Angeles, CA 90017-5864