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In my administration, we’ll stop making excuses. We’ll pursue aggressive new government policies to support American workers. Add your name if you’re on board:
Warren for President

Let’s face it: Giant companies that like to call themselves “American” only have one real loyalty — to their shareholders.

They’ll ship jobs overseas and hollow out our cities if it’ll save them a nickel.

And for too long, Washington politicians have let them call the shots of our trade agreements and our tax code.

But not on my watch. In my administration, government policy will support American workers. I call it economic patriotism.

We’ll start with a new federal agency with one mission: Defend and create American jobs.

It’s time to make fundamental, structural changes in how government treats the economy. When I’m president, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Add your name to say you’re a part of this fight.

We’ll put American workers and middle-class prosperity ahead of multinational profits and Wall Street bonuses.

And we’ll reject the excuses we’ve heard for decades about why we can’t do more to help workers.

The truth is that Washington policies  —  not unstoppable market forces  —  are a key driver of the problems American workers face.

From our trade agreements to our tax code, we’ve encouraged companies to invest abroad, ship jobs overseas, and keep wages low. All in the interest of serving multinational companies and international capital with no particular loyalty to the United States.

In my administration, we’ll stop making excuses. We’ll pursue aggressive new government policies to support American workers.

Our new Department of Economic Development will replace the Commerce Department and a handful of other federal agencies.

Right now, government programs that affect job creation are an afterthought, uncoordinated and scattered across the government, and submerged in larger agencies with different primary missions.

Let’s pull them together and use aggressive new tools — that other countries have used successfully — to fight for American workers.

Critically, all of our trade-related programs will fall within the new Department. That way, we’ll make clear that trade policy must defend and create American jobs.

This is not a question of more or less government: It’s about who the government works for.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll release more plans on how this vision of economic patriotism should shape our economy, from trade policy to Wall Street — and I’ll keep you posted.

Add your name if you’re on board: We need to make American workers our highest priority, rather than continuing to cater to the interests of companies and people with no allegiance to America.

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