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Dear Neighbor and Supporter:


Thanks to the support of many of our neighbors and you our campaign to improve District 3 with vibrant, safe, and thriving neighborhoods was successful in the June    primary.

Since then, we have continued    to talk to voters and launch our general election efforts. We’ve also gained key endorsements like The Fresno Bee and the Central Labor Council, which represents thousands of working people in our city.

With just a few weeks until the November 6th general election, we will continue to visit all of our district’s diverse neighborhoods encouraging everyone to vote and listening to your ideas about how to improve our neighborhoods. If we haven’t knocked on your door yet, we will soon!


If you are registered as a Permanent Absentee Voter, remember that ballots begin to arrive Wednesday, October 10th.


As always, don’t hesitate to call me on my personal cell at (559) 906-1443 or email us at , if you have any questions.



Miguel Arias