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As a father, I would never imagine that our federal government would forcibly and unnecessarily pull children away from their parents. But as you know, that’s exactly what’s happening.

That’s why yesterday I sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice to make my strong opposition to its “zero tolerance” policy crystal clear.

Along with attorneys general from other concerned states, I’m demanding that Donald Trump end his dangerous and heart-wrenching policy.

If you know anyone who may have been impacted by the Administration’s inhumane action, please invite them to write me via Facebook here.

Medical experts confirm it’s traumatic for thousands of children — with long-lasting consequences.

The only word that even gets close to describing how I feel is: horrified.

How any American President would direct such a cruel policy that contradicts our values is hard to comprehend.

For Trump, this is a new low.


Please help relay to families you know that I want to hear from anyone affected.