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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Friend —

You already know that we are running an outsider campaign against a big political establishment. You also know that we are able to keep running because of people like you investing in the vision of Humanity First. 

More and more people have been investing monthly into this campaign so that we can spread our message: Not left, not right, but forward. People like John in Pennsylvania who recently told us:

“I donate because I support Andrew’s platform. His policies are thorough and he always brings very clear information to the table. He’s not vague, and talks about things that I’ve seen first hand in Pennsylvania – so many people here have been affected by the loss of manufacturing jobs to automation. And people haven’t been talking about it in either party.”

John’s monthly contribution is important because it allows us to compete across the country, particularly in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Our showing in the early states could determine the future for our Humanity First message.

Make a $5 recurring donation to help guarantee that we have the resources we need to win in these critical early states.

We are very proud of the campaign that we are running, and we are very proud to say that this campaign is being guided and funded by regular people like you.

Samuel from Wisconsin told us:

I make this monthly donation because for the longest time I’ve held similar ideas for how to approach the problems we have and Andrew has a solutions-oriented approach that isn’t geared toward political ideology but instead approaches the problems with logic and that resonates with me.”

And Stephanie from Florida added:

“I’m really inspired by his campaign and I donate because I think it will make a huge difference for Americans.”

Join Samuel, John, and Stephanie with your $5 recurring donation and we will have the resources we need to win in Iowa and New Hampshire.

This campaign has always been about solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected. We are going to keep talking about the fundamental changes to our economy. We are going to keep talking about the Freedom Dividend, and we are going to keep bringing solutions to the American people.

We are showing that the American people are ready for real solutions to the problems facing their families today.

And we are proving it every day because of people like you.






Can you make a donation today? 

Most of our donations come from people like you chipping in small amounts when they can. Your continued generosity helps us invest in people. 

Join the Yang Gang! 

If you’d like to volunteer to help with grassroots organizing, please fill out an organizer application here and someone from our team will reach out. 




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