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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

From: Pete for America <> 
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2019 7:46 AM
Subject: [Spam] A second update on our March 31st fundraising goal
Hi there,
We promised we’d be transparent about our fundraising goals and progress, so we are here to report on the first fundraising goal we set. 
On Tuesday, we set a goal to raise an additional $500,000 before March 31st. 
We met that goal on Wednesday. 
That wasn’t a gimmick. We didn’t think we’d hit it that quickly. We set the goal because it was what we needed to raise, and we thought it was doable based on some projections we made. 
There are a lot of new supporters here in our Pete for America community, so we are doubling our goal and inviting you to help us meet it. 
Here are specifics about what this additional money will allow us to do:
  • Hire more staff: Yesterday, we sent around an updated job board. We’re bringing on talented staff, and we need to pay them. We also provide wellness benefits so that they don’t ignore their health; we need everyone operating at peak performance.
  • Travel more: We want to come see you and learn about what is important to you and your community. We need to get to national media outlets in New York and DC, too. Unfortunately, as you know, traveling is expensive. 
  • Move into a bigger office in South Bend: Our team is small and travels a lot so we have not needed a huge space so far. We share desks and offices, and that’s been working just fine. But we’re moving into a larger space — one that can accommodate new team members, offers collaborative spaces like conference rooms, has hi-speed WiFi, and is wired for video conferencing to better connect staff with volunteers around the country. 
  • Open offices in New Hampshire and Iowa: We have staff on the ground in both states, and as we grow, we’ll want them to have a home-base. Setting up shop so that volunteers can work together and with our staff is a priority for us. 
  • Run more paid media: “Paid media” can mean a lot of things. Really specifically, we mean paying to have our Facebook posts and Google Search reach more people who might join us if they knew about us. With your help, we can get our message in front of even more people. 
Please consider helping us reach our (second) $500,000 goal by March 31st: 
Pete for America
P.S: We launched some new shirts over at Check them out!


Paid for by the Pete For America Exploratory Committee.

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