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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



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I just left our office in Nashua and could not be more excited.  The Yang Gang was fired up and it was great to speak with them before they headed off to knock some doors.

Every day this team is proving you don’t have to be an establishment politician or a billionaire to build a strong campaign — you just need good ideas and people who will fight for them. 

We’re doing something special, and frankly historic, together.  But, now is an important time for our campaign.  Tomorrow, we’re opening our second office in New Hampshire and we’re going to need more organizers, more supplies, and to open even more offices in early states if we’re going to win this thing.

That means hitting every goal and doing everything we can before the big debate in September. 

My team tells me we have to raise $150,000 by Sunday night to hit our budget numbers and expand — can I count on you to chip in what you can here?  Any amount you can give would go a long way.


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Thank you for everything Yang Gang!





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