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A Letter to U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock, 4th Congressional District of California

May 14, 2018 12:53 pm

Mr. McClintock,

I received the mailer announcing your run for reelection.

I was not surprised by the content of your flyer, stating things as fact, which are far from fact. “Tell a lie enough times and they will believe it.” That’s from Trump’s book, “The Art of the Fraud”, I believe, but of course he stole it from the Hitler regime.

Your claims of Republican accomplishments could be humorous if the reality was not so sad for the poor and the average working person and families.

Your regime of cruelty apparently is making America great for the wealthy and dismantling our democracy piece by piece. As you claim to make America great, you implement incremental destruction of our system, taking away many of the things that actually made us “great.”

Education made us great. Helping the poor. Providing medical care. Taking care of our environment. Ensuring clean air and water. Economic regulations to protect us from the inevitable corporate and individual greed. Developing renewable energy while weaning us off of fossil fuels. Diversity of our citizens and providing a haven for refugees. Maintaining our national treasures.

The republican tax bill which adds to the damage done by Reagan and Bush, further shifting our country’s wealth to those who already have most of it, all in the name of the mythical “trickle down economics” which should be called, “pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” The only question is how long before the next recession or worse?

I have a few questions for you, Mr. McClintock.

When Trump came out of the chute appointing cabinet heads based on their personal wealth, but with no pertinent skills or experience, where were you? What did you say? How about when he appointed cabinet secretaries who have a track record of insulting and fighting with the department they now head? How about an education secretary who can’t answer basic questions about education? How about appointments who don’t even know what their department was supposed to do?

When Trump began his undocumented immigrant roundup and deportations, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that he was repeating the failed “Operation Wetback” from the 1950’s with virtually no changes? Did you explain the harm that will be done to California’s agriculture industry? Did you tell him that we have the most immigrants of any state and the great majority of us Californians don’t have a problem with that?

When Trump presented his Muslim ban, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that it was unconstitutional? Did you tell him that there is no data to support it making us safer?

When Trump met with Russian representatives and their press in the oval office and excluded our own press, where were you? What did you say? No big deal?

When Trump called the New York Times a danger to the people, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that he was at the very least, disrespecting the 1st amendment and probably violating it? Did you explain that this was the behavior of a tyrant?

When Trump took the oath of office, having business interests all over the world, where were you? What did you say? Did you tell him that he is violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution? His oath of office is very similar to yours. “Defending the Constitution” is apparently meaningless to you both.

When Trump moved his daughter into the White House, where were you? What did you say? Did you explain the problem with hiring family? Did you explain that her continuing to run her business from the White House breaks lots of rules? When the Saudis gave her a $100 million gift, did you tell her to give it back?

When Trump refused to condemn the white supremacists in Charlottesville, even after they murdered a protester, what did you say?

How about his chronic demonstrations of racism in the United States of America in 2018?

When Trump tries to stifle protests here and then praises protesters in Iran, what do you say about that?

When Trump accused President Obama of wiretapping him, where were you? What did you say? When he continues to slander Hillary Clinton with his meaningless tweets, where are you? What do you say?

In less than a year, “WE THE PEOPLE” have been told over 2,000 verifiable inane lies, by the President of the United States.

When the ACA was attacked from day one, with no real plan or intention to replace it with anything viable, where were you? What did you say? When Trump proposed killing funding for parts of the ACA to incapacitate it, where were you? What did you say? Did you explain to him that killing ACA will kill millions of people? That for the president to sabotage a federal program may not be a good look?

When Trump insulted virtually every one of our allies and trading partners while praising Putin and other dictators of countries that are human rights violators, where were you? What did you say?

When it became clear that Trump’s campaign people and probably Trump himself, have entanglements with the Russian government and banks, where were you? When he fired Comey, where were you? Did you explain to him that fighting investigations will not end well for him? Did you tell him that such behavior is a clear sign of guilt?

When Trump shows on a daily basis, his incompetence, ignorance and mental illness, where are you? What do you say? Do you express your concern and discuss it with your colleagues or do you just make inside jokes about this unbalanced man with access to the nuclear launch codes?

I know the answers to these questions, Tom.

Where were you? You were holding an elected office of great responsibility, where you had sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

What did you say? You and your Republican colleagues said nothing. You have done nothing. Apparently, trying to ride this irresponsible attack on our Democracy as far as you can.

Your own committee is driving legislation to scale back Bears Ears Monument designated by President Obama. Your reason? It’s too big. The monument belongs to “we the people.” Have you heard of us? How about polling ” we the people” about how we feel about giving back to benefit corporate interests? Funny how benefiting the wealthy is behind everything the Republicans have done.

Per capita income in El Dorado County $37,089. 8.7% in poverty. We really appreciate you helping out the needy 1%.

You and your fellow Republicans are cowards who won’t stand up to the lifelong bully and fraud, Trump. There is only right or wrong.


– Gary Gaffney, Placerville, CA