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*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Kevin often says that he’s not running against anyone in this race, and it’s true.

He’s running against the D.C. status quo.

He’s running for the leadership of progressive values that Californians hold dear.

He’s running to fight back against the disastrous Trump agenda every step of the way.

He’s running to represent you.

We’ve got 12 days left in this campaign and 982 more donations left to hit our goal of 2,000 donations before June 5. Please chip in $3 right now.

Unlike Senator Feinstein, who said there was a chance Trump could be a “good president,” Kevin has fought since day 1 to protect California and hold Trump accountable.

He knows that there’s no room to negotiate or cooperate with a racist, sexist, and dangerously inept administration.

Too many Democrats in the Senate are capitulating under the Trump regime — from approving CIA director and former torture advocate Gina Haspel, to approving Trump’s Supreme Court nominee without enough of a fight.

Kevin will be a different kind of Senator.

He’ll be a leader the people of California can be proud of.

He just needs your support to get there — please chip in $3 to help him get there.


Team KDL

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