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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


One of the themes of my campaign has been unifying the Party around advocacy and action. When we focus on the issues and values that unite us, instead of re-hashing past elections, we find common ground and build relationships that make us stronger and more effective.

Next year, we have a chance to reverse one of the most catastrophic conservative policies in US history. Reforming Prop 13 and making our tax system more progressive is in everyone’s interests. Make no mistake, it won’t be easy, and we have to come together now to have a chance of winning.

Passed in 78, Proposition 13 limits increases on property taxes, not just for homeowners but also California’s biggest corporations. Current law allows them to game the system and avoid billions in taxes.

The California Schools And Local Communities Funding Act would change that, forcing companies like Disney, Apple and Amazon to pay their fair share. This is a big deal.

The initiative has already qualified for the November 2020 ballot but will need the help of each and every one of us to get it passed. We should do an early endorsement of this initiative at Convention, so that we can focus our energy on communicating with voters and coalition partners about this crucial progressive initiative.

Prior to my removal from the CDP Resolutions Committee last week, I was already in conversation with committee members about rallying together to push for an early endorsement at the upcoming convention.

Will you join me by signing on to this resolution calling for the California Democratic Party to early-endorse the California Schools And Local Communities Funding Act?

We need to join the emerging coalition of labor unions, community activists, respected Legislators and educators in fighting for tax equity and fully-funded education and social services.

The time for action is not a future E-Board meeting, it is NOW. Let’s be leaders. 


In solidarity,



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