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As we celebrate International Women’s Day I can’t help but think that a “day without women” would be a day without pioneers. It would be a day without women that have inspired movements and influenced every aspect of American life.

What would a day look like without American civil rights activists, like Rosa Parks whom the United States Congress called “the mother of the freedom movement”? Or the first Latina, Sonia Sotomayor to serve in the highest court in the land? These leaders are shining examples of why it’s important to stand up for freedom, justice and women.

Can you imagine a day without them?

Reflecting on Women’s History Month, I am reminded of how women won the right to vote in California in 1911. While women’s Suffragists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were battling to give women their voice and their vote, California was already ahead of the nation.

The courageous leadership by women then and women now, are the back bone of our history and the strength behind our nation. But I also know there is more work to do. Like fighting to protect the ACA which does not allow insurance plans deny coverage to adults with pre-existing conditions. This means women will no longer be treated as a pre-existing condition and be denied insurance coverage for a history of pregnancy; having had a C-section; being a survivor of breast, or cervical cancer; or having received medical treatment for domestic or sexual violence.

Today reminds us, that without women our nation would not have reached the heights of achievement it has-and I wouldn’t want to live a day without them.

In solidarity,