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Hi there,
I believe a woman should have the freedom to make medical decisions on her own or with the counsel of those whom she chooses and she trusts – whether that’s her doctor, family, clergy, or friends.
The government’s role should be to make sure all women have access to comprehensive affordable care, and that includes preventive care, contraceptive services, prenatal through postpartum care, and safe and legal abortion.
But instead of ensuring care, our legislators are ignoring science, criminalizing abortion, and punishing women.
Alabama just passed a cruel attack on women’s health, autonomy, and freedom, and last week, Georgia enacted a ban on abortions before most women even know they are pregnant. So far this year, twenty eight states have introduced, passed, or signed restrictive abortion bills into law. 
Abortion is a woman’s decision — one she must have the freedom to make, and lawmakers have the responsibility to protect. 
Our next president must stand up to protect American freedoms. And let me clear: reproductive freedom is an American freedom.
If you’re as outraged as I am and want to take action to hold anti-choice extremist politicians accountable, visit NARAL at

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