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Our federal government was built on a system of checks and balances — and since Trump was elected, we have seen what happens when our system is pushed to its limits. I have seen it up close while serving in the Senate: Republican members of Congress refuse to uphold their duty to serve as a check on this administration.
Let’s speak this truth: many hard-working Americans have grown distrustful of our government, our institutions, and our leaders — and rightly so. I’ve heard it time and again while speaking with voters in communities across our country. This is not just a crisis of confidence in our government — we potentially face a constitutional crisis.
Michael, I’m running for president because the American people deserve truth and integrity from our elected leaders. And let me say: I fully intend to win this election.
From day one, I have pledged to run our campaign differently. A campaign for the people must be funded by the people, not corporate PACs or federal lobbyists. In short, we won’t win without you. That’s why I’m asking: can you add a contribution to power our campaign?

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Winning this election will depend on millions of people stepping up and getting into the ring, raising our voices together to fight for our values. It’s on all of us, together, to fight for the future of our country. 
Together, we are fighting to pass the most significant middle-class tax break we have seen in generations — made possible by reversing the Trump tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and putting money back in the hands of the middle class.
Together, we are fighting to make the largest investment in teachers in American history and provide the average teacher a $13,500 raise — entirely closing the teacher pay gap.
Together, we are fighting to enact Medicare for All and guarantee health care as a right for every single American — not a privilege for those who can afford it.
Together, we are fighting to address climate change with real solutions to protect our planet for generations to come.
Together, we are fighting to address gun violence to make our communities safer; Lift millions of Americans out of poverty; And live up to the promise of what our country can be — unburdened by what has been.
If we want to make our vision a reality and give the American people a reason to believe in our government again, we need to fight like hell to win this election. I’m counting on you, Michael.
If you’re committed to our fight, I’m counting on you right now. Pitch in a contribution to our historic campaign for president below: 

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Thank you for all you do.
For The People,
— Kamala Harris