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Dear Friend:


Last week, Stratford’s wells went out and the community does not have access to running water.

Well, I just returned from delivering water and paper goods to our neighbors in Stratford. If you could see what I saw yesterday, you would be sad and angry all at the same time.  How can this be?


I saw seniors with no transportation struggling to walk home with their waters, and people trying to shower using the gallon of water we gave them. It’s an all-around desperate and heartbreaking situation.


Every human being deserves access to clean water, and I’m asking you: will you join me in helping our friends in Stratford?


The Stratford Public Utility District is taking water donations right now at the address below. In addition to water, if you are able to round up some basic paper goods such as napkins and toilet paper to donate, they will take those as well.


Stratford Public Utility District  


I will continue to help our community until they have running water again, and I deeply appreciate anything you can do to aid in this effort.

With deep gratitude,

Melissa Hurtado
Candidate, State Senate District 14