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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Please Share so we can make positive change:
We need to focus on the students in the great state of California.I am running for the Vice Chair position for the Democratic Party in California so we can focus on helping future generations prosper and feel safe.
Lets bring art back into the schools. Many students can not afford to take dance and painting classes and there was a time when this was possible through the schools, but budgets cuts have made this nearly impossible. My daughter, Melissa, is a professional dance and teacher and has created Barre Athletics. A program where students learn about past idols in art and engage in a ballet type fitness class.
I hope to bring attention to this subject as it is very important that we allow our children to express their passions through art and feel they have a safe place to express their views.
Thank You for supporting me. I appreciate your support.
Please contact her at 310-482-1820. She is also forming an athletic caucus and wants more people involved.
Thanks Again!

Ronald O’Donnell

Candidate for CA State Senate District 23

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Land line: (909) 280-1919

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