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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Delegates —

As we all know, in campaign season, the accusations and attacks ramp up as we get closer to Election Day.
The newest whopper (John Burton would call it something more colorful, but you get the picture) being spread around is that I’m somehow not wholeheartedly supporting SB 562.

So let’s go ahead and tell some of those hard truths…

HARD TRUTH: I supported SB 562 before the bill was even assigned a number, as I laid out months ago in my op-ed, “Make California a Healthcare Sanctuary State.”

But let’s be real. An op-ed in election season isn’t enough.

HARD TRUTH: Both authors of SB 562, Senators Toni Atkins and Ricardo Lara, have endorsed my campaign for Chair because they know passing single-payer isn’t just an election season talking point for me. We need the experience, grit, and know-how to get this job done.

But let’s be real. The fight for single-payer didn’t start during this Chair’s race.

HARD TRUTH: I’ve been fighting to make universal single-payer healthcare available for DECADES. It’s the reason why I became politically engaged so many years ago, based on my experience as a registered nurse. I worked with then-Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi to pass universal healthcare which was then vetoed by Gov. Pete Wilson. I was in the foxhole with then-Senator Sheila Kuehl when Democrats passed single-payer TWICE, only to have Gov. Schwarzenegger veto it both times. And I was with then-Senator Mark Leno as he tried to make it happen, yet again.

But let’s be real. TALK IS CHEAP. Trust the single-payer fighters with the battle scars to prove it.

HARD TRUTH: Every single author of universal/single-payer healthcare legislation in our state’s history — John Garamendi, Sheila Kuehl, Mark Leno, Toni Atkins, and Ricardo Lara — are ALL supporting my campaign to lead our Party.

Let’s be real. They’re standing with me because I’ve stood with them over the years doing the real work to make single-payer a reality.

I hope you’ll join them because, with SB 562, single-payer is in reach. This is our chance to finish the job for all of those who’ve come so close in the past, and most importantly, for the millions of Californians who deserve affordable, high-quality healthcare.

Single-payer’s time is here!


Eric C. Bauman

Vice Chair, California Democratic Party

Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party





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