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Delaine Eastin is a 2018 candidate for Governor. The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate for the 2018 Governor race

I read this weekend that Muhammed Ali’s son was held for several hours by immigration agents and asked about his religion at the Miami airport, and that agents across the nation were feeling ‘emboldened’ by our new president’s stance on immigration. We saw aggressive immigration raids earlier this month in Southern California, spreading fear throughout our communities. This is not the America I know and this is not acceptable.

These are our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers. It is our diversity that has helped make California thrive; we must speak up against these aggressive tactics and provide a path for citizenship. We must also let these vulnerable fellow Californians know we will do everything we can to protect them; these actions threaten the safety of these community members, create widespread fear, break up families, and punish DREAMERS.

In 1994 I stood up against Governor Wilson and told him no, I would not ask our teachers to become immigration police in their classrooms. Though he threatened to have me recalled, my position was vindicated by the courts and Proposition 187, which would have had our teachers doing background checks on our students, was never enforced. I have never been afraid to speak truth to power.

We must all speak out and fight against any efforts by this dangerous, incompetent Trump administration to deport hard-working undocumented Californians who are often parents of American citizens, pay taxes and contribute to our economy and society.

Please make a contribution of $50 or more here to support my campaign to be your next Governor and make sure this important message reaches all Californians.

For a better California,