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Sign my urgent petition if you believe it is shameful that the Republicans want to rip healthcare away from millions of people.

It would be a national disgrace if the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act were enacted into law.

Yesterday, the GOP replacement plan became public, and it’s even worse than we thought: proposals to gut Medicaid expansion, dramatically reduce subsidies for those who need insurance the most, and striking down other provisions that are the heart of this legislation.

Since President Obama first signed the Affordable Care Act into law, 68% of previously uninsured individuals in California have gained access to quality and affordable health insurance. Healthcare prices have risen at the slowest rate in nearly 50 years.

I’ve heard from people across California and this country, via email, social media, and in-person about what the Affordable Care Act has done for them. I want you to read these two short notes:

“Without the ACA, I would probably be dead now. I was diagnosed with stage four small cell lung cancer… I shudder to think of what the hospital stays, multiple MRI’s, CAT scans and medications would have cost. I have passed the one-year survival mark and plan on continuing to break boundaries and survive as long as possible.”


“I have a dear friend who has insurance through the Affordable Care Act. He lost his job a few years ago when the mortgage industry tanked. Thanks to the ACA, he is insured without the daily fear of an illness or injury.”

The good news is that millions of Americans are attending town halls and marching in the streets to make their voices heard on why the ACA matters so much. The only question now is this: are the Republicans listening? Let’s make them:

Sign my petition today denouncing the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act >>

Five million Californians have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. One in every two California children depends on Medicaid.

And 129 million people across the country will be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition if we fail to stop the Republican plan to dismantle the ACA in the coming weeks.

Beyond the numbers, this is a debate about our values. Are we the kind of country that will callously strip health benefits away from millions of our friends, family, and neighbors? I believe we’re better than that — and I’m hopeful that the Republicans will come to their senses before it is too late to work with us to reform the law, not repeal it.

There is virtually no chance of that happening without people like you getting involved in this fight, which is why it is so critical you add your name to my petition opposing the Republican plan to repeal the ACA >>

No political struggle in this country is ever won or lost in the smoke-filled rooms of Washington. It is won in the streets. It is won with a grassroots movement loudly amplifying the voices of millions.

That is what our politics must be about in the coming weeks.

Fight on,