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Across our great nation, Americans are rising up to challenge this new administration and the radical agenda they are forcing on women, people of color, our immigrants, our brothers, sisters, and friends in the LGBT+ community, refugees, and more.

From the historic Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles to the inspiring protests at airports all across our country, we are demonstrating that the power does not rest in the White House. It belongs to the people.

Together, we must build a grassroots movement to advance our collective struggle for justice and equality while articulating our vision for an economy and a government that works for everyone. No longer can we allow the politics of Donald Trump and his Republican Party to divide us. We must choose hope, over hate; action, over apathy.

We know the fights ahead will be tough, and that the worst is yet to come — but there are millions of vulnerable people across the country relying on us to fight for them.

With that in mind, we thought this would be a good time to give you the opportunity to tell us how you’re feeling right now and how you’re getting involved in the resistance. If you can, please take a few moments to take our survey today and we will report these results to Kamala later this week:

Never forget that you have a powerful voice that is capable of inspiring great change. Together, we can build a society that decides a harm against one of us is a harm against all of us.

Fight on,

Team Kamala