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As we come out of the close of 2016, it is time to reflect upon the year that was, and a time to look forward and make plans to ensure that the future is something we can be proud of.

While we keep in mind the people we love, we must ensure that the choices we make will pave the way for a brighter and more secure tomorrow, and prepare for the struggles ahead to take back America. Our actions must be worthy of the memory of those we lost and live up to the lessons they taught us over the years.

In the coming weeks and months, Democratic activists in California along with our statewide, legislative, and local leaders, will be at the forefront of the battle for the sanity of our country, and we must relentlessly urge those who share our values to stand-up and join us in fight.

We must push open the doors of the Democratic Party to all who share our commitment to a progressive and people-centered world view, at the local, state and national levels – starting with encouraging all to participate in the California Democratic Party’s ADEM elections which are taking place this coming weekend, on January 7 and 8, 2017.

We must revitalize and strengthen our Democratic Clubs and local Democratic Parties to ensure activists in every part of our state have the support, resources and tools they need.

We must partner with allied progressive, labor, identity-focused, civil rights and issue-based organizations to ensure all who are part of the Democratic Party’s big tent remember that an injury to one is an injury to all.

We must find ways to harness the energy of the thousands of new volunteers who mobilized around the Presidential election and focus their attention on the Spring local elections which have a dramatic impact on our daily lives, and which build the farm team of future candidates, elected officials and leaders.

And we must encourage newly activated and engaged Democrats to attend the State Party’s annual Convention so they may become part of the conversations and planning for 2018, where we must not only maintain our strength in California, but again offer our support to our sisters, brothers and colleagues in other states. Their victories will be essential as we move towards the ever-important 2020 Presidential election and subsequent redistricting of Congressional and Legislative districts.

I ask you to please join with me to kick-off the new year with immediate action and renewed momentum. Stay tuned…

In Democratic Unity,

Eric C. Bauman
Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party