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It’s official: Kamala has been sworn in as Senator and she’s already hard at work being fearless for the voiceless and vulnerable in our society. With so many tough fights ahead of us, she needs to know you’re standing with her in the coming months and years.

can you add your name to Kamala’s petition as a way of recommitting to the cause of justice and equality?


Please take a short moment to read Kamala’s email from yesterday about why she decided to run for Senate and what we’ll be focusing on in the coming year. Thanks for everything.

———— Original Message from Senator Kamala Harris ————

My friends –

Serving as Attorney General for the state of California has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I am proud of the work we accomplished to defend consumers from predatory industries like Big Oil, Wall Street, for-profit colleges, and more. And I am eager and ready to begin our next challenge.

Today, as I take the oath of office to serve the people of California in the U.S. Senate, I want to take a moment to remind you exactly why I’m here:

I’m here because millions are relying on us to stop the Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Social Security. We will not balance the budget on the backs of seniors or the most vulnerable amongst us.

I’m here because I believe our state has an outsized role to play in the direction our country heads on immigration. Like most Americans, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity — and California is proud to be the home of more immigrants — both documented and undocumented — than any state in the union. We are not going to break up families or deport millions of hardworking people.

I’m here to tell some hard truths when it comes to criminal justice reform because I don’t know a police officer who has left his or her home at the beginning of a shift without a silent prayer to return safely. And I don’t know a black man who has not been the subject of racial profiling or an unfair stop. It’s up to all of us to come together and tackle what is broken in our criminal justice system. Truth, transparency, and trust is the solution.

I’m here to fight back against those who suggest there is no such thing as climate change. With our planet in peril, this is a time to intensify the fight for the future, not abandon it. Not for us, but for generations of Americans — our kids — who literally depend on it.

I’m here because women deserve to access quality and affordable health care and should not have to worry about politicians — often male politicians — trading it away. We know the GOP has plans to attack Planned Parenthood and restrict women’s access to abortion, and it’s up to us to build a coalition of people who are going to stop it.

On these issues and more, I’m here to fight for you and the most vulnerable and voiceless in our society. The fights will be long. They will be hard — but I believe if we come together at this moment, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Can you add your name to our petition today and recommit yourself to the cause of justice and equality in the coming months and years? I need to know you’re standing with me >>

Thank you for everything you have done to make today possible. As I wrote to you the day after the election, I still believe that we are a great country. Imperfect, but great because of the values, ideals, and diversity that separate us from any other nation on Earth. One election cannot erase that.

As we continue to build our coalition and begin to address the fights that lay ahead of us, please know that I am eternally grateful to have you on my team.

Fight on,