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Our nation’s social contract is at a tipping point, and millions of seniors are at risk if we fail to act quickly to defend them.

Republican leaders are moving forward with plans to gut Medicare by replacing it with private health insurance vouchers. Doing so would endanger health benefits for more than 55 million Americans who depend on the program.

More than eight million are Californians who paid into the system for decades and have earned the right to access Medicare.

The only thing stopping the Republicans from privatizing Medicare is all of us, which is why I’m asking:

Can you sign our urgent petition today demanding the Republicans abandon their plans to privatize Medicare?

After an election season where many Republican candidates, including President-elect Donald Trump, pledged to protect programs like Medicare, it is disappointing to learn those promises are being abandoned.

This year, on the campaign trail, I was telling you the truth when I pledged to protect our social contract. It is wrong to balance the budget on the backs of seniors who are relying on us to protect them. That is why I will oppose every attempt by the Republicans to privatize Medicare or weaken any successful program that millions of people count on every single day.

But I cannot do it alone. Fresno Dem club, I need to know you’re standing with me in this fight.

Add your name to our petition today calling on Republicans to stop trying to privatize Medicare >>

We have our work cut out for us in Washington, but I am confident that if we stand together we can fight back and save Medicare in the coming months and years.

Fight on,

– Kamala