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We didn’t know what to expect when Kamala asked supporters like you to tell us how you were feeling following the troubling results of the presidential election.

We knew people were hurting and wanted to give you an outlet to express your views and let you know that you are not alone in this moment. The results were both inspiring and heartbreaking to read.

Many people are feeling powerless right now. You are worried about the future of our country and scared for what is to come, especially for immigrant families and communities of color. Virtually everyone who submitted a story understood that the cause of justice and equality in this country has never been more urgent.

And most importantly: you intend to fight.

That was perfectly illustrated when we took the most common words supporters like you used in the thousands of stories we collected to create a word cloud:


You are not alone. We are all in this together. Add your name to recommit to the urgent cause of justice and equality in this country >>

We felt it was important to share some of these stories. We may be strangers, but we are connected in this movement—not just because of our support for Kamala, but because we all have a responsibility to take action in the coming months and years.

And we believe it is important we listen to each other right now:

“Post-election has been a time of reflection and introspection. It is a powerful wake-up call to all of us. We must engage in the process to stand up and fight for the rights we hold dear.” – L. from Los Angeles

“I was born in America and was taught not to leave anyone behind as we try to improve our lives and those of our families. We have to advance together so that everyone benefits the same. The military taught me we don’t leave anyone behind.” – P. from Galveston

“I’m feeling more motivated than ever in my life to work for social justice, particularly women’s rights and getting our legislation to reflect our population. I will not wait and see.” – J. from San Mateo

“I’m angry and I will fight for women’s rights, fight against racism, fight for the LGBT community, fight for raising the minimum wage, fight for affordable healthcare for everyone, fight for our environment, fight for keeping corporations and banks in check, fight to keep our food safe, fight for saving Social Security and for our elderly. I will fight for what’s right! I will wear my safety pin so that you know that I’m here for you if you need me!” – J. from Los Angeles

“I came across the border illegally. This day I stand proud to be a citizen and a willing participant in our process. I do so because America has given a person like me hope. This nation has been great and we will fight tirelessly to defend rights that equal us all. Rights that allow for us to live. Human rights is what draws my passion. I will till the day I die volunteer for any cause that helps others find health, acceptance, and equality.” – V. in San Diego

“I am a woman. I am queer. My president-elect doesn’t see my value, except beyond physical traits. If he happened to find me attractive enough, he might sexually assault me. That’s the reality we are living in. Still, I am one of the lucky ones. But some of the people I love the most can’t hide in anonymity of whiteness, straightness, during this wave of hate. I will not stop speaking out, I will not stop fighting for them and myself.” – A. from Los Angeles

“As a disabled person I am extremely concerned with the hateful racism and disgraceful rhetoric. I don’t like the way Donald Trump started the election and his presidential campaign with such bigotry and hate. Now after the election things are getting out of hand with the hate he has brought out in people. This must be condemned and completely stopped.” – C. from Chester

“I feel disappointed in the results of the election and very worried for the future of this country. we cannot allow a Trump presidency to take us backwards in terms of civil rights and women’s rights. I want to become more active in making sure all the advances we’ve made are protected.” – R. from Los Angeles

“As a gay man, I have witnessed change for our community under the Obama administration. At 57 years, I am happy to see these changes come about in my lifetime. I am concerned that these newly won rights will disappear with the election of Trump.” – D. from San Diego

“I feel sadness, anger, anxiety since the election. I am determined not to give up though! I have donated to Planned Parenthood and applied to volunteer for them.” – C. from San Bernardino

“I’m feeling heartbroken, frightened, and angry. We need to immediately find ways to protect the millions most vulnerable to Donald Trump’s hateful policies. At the same time, the climate won’t wait for four years. I will maintain a focus on climate change, working to build a giant movement to create a livable future with peace, justice, and a sustainable environment.” – L. from Sacramento

“I’ve been advising folks coming to me for advice as their priest to take this election as a reminder that being a person of faith is not a desk job. I am planning greater involvement with our local interfaith councils in order to build relationship and solidarity in the face of potential deportations/registration of people from particular backgrounds. I’m also seeking the right involvement in environmental issues; if we don’t have a planet, none of the rest of it is going to matter.” – J. from Oakland

We have work to do. Please take a quick moment to recommit yourself to the cause of justice and equality in this country.

Thanks for everything you do. It is an honor to stand with you.

– All of us at Team Kamala